Competency examination validating

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Competency examination validating

The educational requirements also reflect the core competencies and applicants are requested to demonstrate completion of academic coursework covering those requirements.All applications and exam questions are based on the below Core Competencies and can be downloaded here.

In the midst of a constantly-changing landscape, the pursuit of excellence in nursing practice requires a continual commitment to lifelong learning through both formal and informal educational opportunities.There are three steps to core competency development: 1) Subject Matter Expert Panel The panel of SMEs reflecting a cross-section of practice, geographical region, educational background and years of experience convene to draft areas and tasks of competency for a certified professional with three years of experience.Applicants are required to provide work products that demonstrate application of some of the core competencies.Verification of participation will be noted by online registration.No influential financial relationships have been disclosed by planners or writers which would influence the planning of the article content.

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Utilizing proven data to identify development needs is not just a nice-to-have. The comprehensive Assess Rx solution is designed to assess a clinicians’ ability to consistently and safely apply clinical knowledge, skills and judgment through the use of multiple valid and reliable assessments.