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Debate inc vs dating daan

James White speak at Parkview Evangelical Free Church on several apologetics topics.This seminar will start at 10AM in the morning and go into the afternoon. In its place, I vote to raise the programs restriction classification from G or General Patronage to PG or with Parental Guidance for three months with warning that should petitioner Soriano commit the same violation, the classification of his program will be permanently changed or, if the violation is persistent, the program will be altogether cancelled. ROUS, in their capacity as members of the Hearing and Adjudication Committee of the MTRCB, JESSIE L. What is more, since this case is about protecting children, the more appropriate penalty, if Sorianos speech during the program mentioned was indecent and had offended them, is to raise his programs restriction classification.Iglesia ni Cristo has promised to have up to 300 people attend in support of their representative, so we are asking true Christians to consider attending to support Dr. You can now register for this using the link below.

If you’d like to take advantage of the free seminar the day afterward, please register for that as well. Click here to REGISTER in advance for the DEBATE night, April 21st!In #All, Apologetics, Apologist, Christianity, Cult Ministry, Education, Homosexuality, Iglesia ni Cristo, Islam, LGBT Movement, Morality & Ethics, Orthodoxy, Reasoning, Same-Sex Marraige, Seminar, Theology, Training by Justin Hornbaker Near the end of April, on Friday the 21st, we are bringing in Dr.James White of Alpha & Omega ministries to debate Joe Ventilacion of Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ out of the Philippines). James White will be defending the Biblical view of God, stated formally in this way: hard in the last couple months to make this debate a reality.These are the following: To make sure the peace and orderliness of the said debate, both parties agreed to have the following as the officers of the said debate: Living Baptist Church’s Ryan Rey Batiquin, Ryan Secretaria, Aladin Cuizon Jr as Official Announcer and Principal, with Gary Tan as Assistant Principal, and Jun Darunday as Second Assistant Principal.From Left to Right: Adam Amper (Catholic Time Keeper), Living Baptist Church Ryan Rey Batiquin, Ryan Secretaria, Aladin Cuizon Jr (Official Announcer and Principal) with Gary Tan (Assistant Principal) and Jun Darunday (Second Assistant Principal) The debate started at 100 pm witnessed by thousands of Cebuanos filling the whole Cebu Coliseum.

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GAVINOOn August 10, 2004, in an apparent reaction to what he perceived as a malicious attack against him by the rival television program, Soriano accused Michael of prostituting himself with his fabricated presentations.