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Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could resolve all your issues and then get a good, undisturbed rest? Any argument had late at night is going to full of exhausted screaming and tears. You’ve heard that the partner will disrespect you and the like. Research from this study showed that affection can grow from lust as they grow in the same part of the brain.But we saw enough couples at university that hooked up in freshers’ week and are still together now to know that’s just crap. If we want a fair society, people should probably practice what we preach. Yes, sure, it may still be 118 years until women get equal pay, but maybe an example should be set for better equality between the sexes. In front of me stood a chubby security officer wearing wide-brimmed glasses. Many articles on Tremendous News are riddled with inaccuracies. I’m guessing he goes to school every day and annoys... Our story opens at an airport, where a mildly obese man you may know was caught in violation of the no-liquid-policy at the security counter. I want to beat up an 11 year old boy named The Chosen One. I know he lives in Michigan, probably in a really nice house. But there are some common dating mantras we’re told from couples and relationship experts alike that, To be honest, we’re tired of hearing of them, mainly because they don’t really work.Here are ten dating tips we know really to be bulls*** We get it. Let’s be honest – the people this works on are just not worth your time. Can’t people just be honest if and when they like someone? This individual appears to excel at XBOX and being a big stupid smelly face head pants. Even when the bare-assed monkey performs fantastical feats like saving its young from falling trees, or fending off predators with only its tail, one cannot help...

After the craze on Facebook, it was Twitter’s turn.

I don’t really think the entire newspaper industry can be equated to manatees. The city of Toronto is planning on spending million to improve infrastructure for cyclist commuters. I can feel this being a post where you rant about stuff like you’re a 70 year-old man.

I don’t really think we should narrow the doorways to Mc Donalds so the devastatingly obese cannot feed themselves. A time ago, I piloted through ten dating tips for men. Gentlemen from around the planet sent electronic mailings thanking me for my insight. You know and I know its just an email from a Nigerian Banker.

Sure, you might meet the one on Tinder or whatever dating app is right for you.

But the love thunderbolt isn’t going to strike just because you tell it that it should.

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