Validating shortage annexes

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Validating shortage annexes

permeability is too slow), then infiltration will be restricted and rainwater will be lost as runoff.The porosity of surface soil may have been reduced by clogging of pores with particles detached from soil aggregates under the impact of raindrops, or by the deposition of detached particles on the soil surface as impermeable crusts or seals.Scientific guidelines related to quality, safety and efficacy are available, together with concept papers, draft guidelines and overviews of comments received during the consultation on draft versions.The Agency also publishes procedural and technical guidance and document templates, which are intended to provide technical and procedural advice to applicants for marketing authorisations for medicinal products coming within the scope of the centralised procedure, in particular: The marketing-authorisation holder (MAH) is the person who holds the authorisation to place a medicinal product on the market and is legally responsible for marketing the medicinal product.The approaches for overcoming restricted infiltration may be categorized according to the cause of the problem as shown in Table 13 at the end of this chapter.Where soil has already been damaged, a combination of two or more of these approaches may be necessary to initiate soil improvement at and beneath the surface.The porosity of subsurface soil may be naturally low, or may have been reduced by compaction and tillage practices that have disrupted or destroyed pore spaces causing a zone of low permeability at the base of the tilled layer.

~tous les collègues de DEA promotion 2008 et 2009 en particulier, Aubierge, Florent, Diane, Ella, merci pour votre amitié et votre soutien. Score de diversité alimentaire de l'enfant et score de diversité 25 alimentaire du ménage 4.7.3. Connaissance des mères en matière d'alimentation, d'hygiène, et de 26 soins de base 4.8. Présentation des résultats de l'état de santé et du statut vaccinal 33 pour le sous-échantillon des 270 enfants 5.4. En vue de réduire la prévalence de la malnutrition dans une communauté, il est important de décrire la situation nutritionnelle de la communauté et de rechercher les déterminants de cette situation.

The overriding approach should be to instil in society, and in farmers, extensionists and researchers in particular, the will to create and sustain soil conditions that encourage the infiltration of rainfall where it falls, and to counteract the causes of runoff (Jonsson et al., 1999).

This implies that the porosity of the soil must be at least maintained, or increased.

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